Toby & Hilary

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Earl Films partnered with charity The Gorilla Organization for this ambitious and light-hearted series of online ads. The talent supporting this initiative was truly formidable – UK comedy (and conservation) legend Bill Oddie, an animatronic silverback gorilla (including an actor inside and two operators) and a whole troop of Earl Films’ top-notch crew and their equipment.


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The harmony in this film was in more than just the actual music. The brief was to inspire the sales team of a pharmaceutical company at their global conference, acknowledging their tough year and picking up their spirits for the one ahead

Leadership 2018

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‘Leadership’ is used to showcase Allergan’s innovation and deep involvement in the eyecare industry to healthcare professionals. There’s a lot to get across, but with clean, engaging infographics and top-class filmmaking it’s a film that was very well received.